Repairo Launch

I hope this message finds you well!

We have some exciting news to share!

We’ve set up Powerful Automations for your business on Repairo, and I am thrilled to invite you to preview our Repairo Automation tool. An invitation has been sent to your email to set up your account. Your support is crucial for making Repairo work to its full potential, and we want to keep you in the loop about the setup process.

As a reminder, Repairo is offered to you for free, including Google Review Collection Flows, Follow up Automations, Old Data Reactivation Flows, Power Booking & Appointment Reminders, and many more up-coming integrations.

While there are no service charges, there are minimal costs associated with email and sms servers, similar to any other marketing tool. To provide you with a fully automated experience, we’ll be integrating some add-ons. Here are the associated costs:

  • New Account Cost $10
  • Phone Verification Cost (A2P verification): $40
  • Email and SMS Cost (Variable – Shared Below)

New Account & Setup Cost

As Repairo is provided without any service charges, setup is totally Free! However, there is a New Account Add-on charge to access Repairo, it would be $10 per month. For that purpose, you are required to add billing information to set up your business’s new account on Repairo.
You will access to;

  • Business Profile Page
  • CRM and Conversation Dashboard
  • Call Monitoring Dashboard
  • Calendar Bookings View
  • Review Response Monitoring Dashboard
  • Contact Smart List Management

Break Free from the Rut

Experience a Business Uplift

Over 100 active repair shop owners assisted. Let Repairo empower you to construct your legacy and deliver outstanding service!

*No contracts. 100% Money-back guaranteed to work

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