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Upgrade Your Call System with VoiceMail Automation

Revolutionize your call system with smart IVR, missed call automation, and outbound call dialing. Manage all your inbound and outbound service calls for superior customer experience. Ensure every lead gets personal attention.!

IVR Lead System

A customizable interactive voice response (IVR) system greets callers and directs them to the correct department or agent based on their needs. IVR responses are personalized from scripts for a personalized experience. Call recording is available for quality assurance.

Missed Call Automation

If an agent misses a call, our system can automatically trigger a callback to the customer from the queue to ensure no booking opportunity is lost. The call queue assigns each call to the next available repair agent for first-rate service. 

  • Collects data via call recording to understand why calls are missed and identify areas for improvement
  • Sends automatic email/text notifications to agents when they miss a call to prompt faster callbacks
  • Provides callback time estimates to customers to set proper expectations
  • Routes callbacks intelligently based on agent availability, skillset, and customer needs

Voicemail Drop Automation

Customize voicemail greetings to drop after a set time after a missed call or completed booking as a follow-up touchpoint. For example, thank customers for booking or provide additional repair advice in a personalized message.

Forced Call Automation

Set forced callbacks triggered at different stages like post-diagnostics, pre-repair, post-repair, renewal reminder, and more. Configure the number of retry attempts and intervals between call retries. 

  • Ensures team members never skip important customer follow-ups at key stages
  • It gives clients real-time visibility and control – they can decide what to do about a missed forced call.
  • Schedules automatic retries at increments customized for each call type
  • Uses interactive voice response (IVR) for superficial update calls to optimize human resource

Outbound Call Dialer

Our predictive dialer system dials automatically through a contacts database for reminders, follow-ups, and tele-sales campaigns. Significantly boosts outbound calls completed per hour. 

  • Low-cost system that requires minimum manpower investment
  • Intelligent assigning system that locates and routes numbers automatically
  • Prioritizes callbacks, reminders, and qualified leads over cold calls
  • Leaves voicemails and schedules SMS/email follow-ups to non-answers
  • Plays customized interactive voice greeting messages for right-party connect
  • Optimizes number look-up from multiple sources like CRM and directories

Location-Based Inbound Calls

Intelligent call routing assigns calls to agents based on caller location for faster dispatch and more personalized service.

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